Fire protection and fire extinguisher training

Prime Preventive AG offers serious, professional fire protection training that prepares you for a possible emergency.
Our highly experienced fire protection experts teach you the correct behaviour in the event of a fire and give you the opportunity to learn the correct procedure under real conditions. Prime

Preventive AG offers comprehensive fire protection training that provides you with the necessary knowledge to act correctly in an emergency. The training consists of two modules: First, you will receive a theoretical presentation in which you will learn everything about dealing with fire. Then you practise using fire extinguishers, fire blankets and co. in a realistic training environment. This way you are well prepared and can act quickly and confidently in an emergency.

Prime Preventive AG's training courses are aimed at everyone who wants to be safer in dealing with fire. Fear of contact with the technology used is reduced. In the courses, participants learn how to react correctly in case of fire and how to use existing fire-fighting aids safely and efficiently. The training devices work with environmentally friendly propane gas and produce a high level of heat radiation as well as a realistic, controllable flame height of 0.5 to 4 metres. This allows the participants to optimally simulate the situation in the event of a fire and thus deepen their knowledge. Prime Preventive AG fire protection training courses are effective and sustainable. Your staff learns the basics of fire and extinguishing protection as well as the handling of fire extinguishing agents. By actively extinguishing fires, the self-confidence of your employees is strengthened. The training takes place on-site at your company and there are no travel costs. The costs depend on your wishes and the number of participants and start from CHF 800,-.

Theory training on your premises, so you don't have to pay for travel costs- Individually tailored to your company and scalable according to your wishes with additional modules:
- such as the only Prime Preventive AG "Burning Man" module in Switzerland
- Large and larger groups possible by arrangement
- Practical exercises on the fire We will be happy to advise you competently and comprehensively.

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