Fire protection training

Why is the training important?
Fire safety training, firefighting training and fire safety courses are important to educate your staff on how to deal with fire and fires. 
Only a well-informed and well-trained employee is able to use the extinguishing agent safely in an emergency. 
The safety of everyone involved is paramount.
The courses of Prime Preventive AG are perfectly tailored to the respective customer - companies, clubs, schools, hospitals etc. - everyone is optimally trained and trained. In small or large group settings, our experienced trainers have enough time for questions and exercises, so that at the end of the day every participant is well prepared.

Thanks to our courses, which are individually tailored to you and your company, you are well prepared for all eventualities. 
Fire protection and firefighting or regular training in the use of fire extinguishers or extinguishing agents protects both your employees and your company. Preventive AG fire protection and fire extinguishing courses are easy to understand and optimally tailored to the perfect cost/benefit ratio. Benefit from these advantages: - All participants learn the correct behavior in a possible emergency - Training for the efficient use of extinguishing devices/medium - Testing or setting up the emergency organization of your company - Increase in operational safety through targeted fire protection training - Targeted fire protection and fire extinguisher training serves the Occupational safety for your employees How you benefit from fire protection and firefighting training Every year in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, many people die as a result of a fire. Most of these are completely unnecessary because those affected do not know how to act properly in an emergency. 
Targeted fire protection training can prevent such disasters and thus significantly reduce the risk to human life. 
Mission state-of-the-art tools to ensure the extinguishing success experience.

All employees of Prime Preventive AG are or were active firefighters and have a lot of experience in dealing with firefighting and extinguishing agents. We have almost 15 years of experience with and in the fields of fire protection, firefighting and prevention. The aim of every training course should be that at the end all participants are fundamentally able to extinguish a fire independently, or to extinguish a larger fire
to behave correctly and purposefully. The very experienced and qualified trainers at Prime Preventive AG will be happy to work with you to develop a concept for training your employees. Proper fire management is critical to saving people, animals and your home. The fire brigade is often only alerted when the attempt to extinguish the fire has already failed. This costs valuable time. So it is better to dial the emergency call once too often than too infrequently. In the event of a fire, the best questions to ask yourself are: Is the fire in my home or somewhere else? 
Is it an open or closed fire? If possible, extinguish the fire yourself. 
However, this requires the right extinguishing agent and the necessary practice. 

Let our very experienced specialists advise you comprehensively! 
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