Burning-Man Modul

Prime Preventive AG is the only provider in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with a "Burning Man" module. Here, we simulate a personal fire with a specially manufactured model. Unfortunately, this happens more often in practice than is generally assumed. Unfortunately, people often handle fire very carelessly in everyday life. Candles are blown out and the beard catches fire or a piece of clothing hangs down unnoticed. Often the fire spreads rapidly to the clothing. The very experienced trainers of Prime Preventive AG will show you and your employees how best to act and proceed in such a case. We explain the most effective methods and procedures to extinguish a personal fire. In the event of an emergency, self-protection always comes first!
You can book the "Burning Man" module in addition to any Prime Preventive AG fire protection and fire extinguishing training.

Let our experienced trainers and fire protection specialists advise you competently and free of charge!