Sea-Fire product catalogue

Prefabricated systems

Prefabricated fire extinguishing systems for ships are permanently installed. The system protects a specific volume of an enclosure with different triggering modes, such as: B. automatic thermal release or manual release via a mechanical pull cord.

Pre-engineered means that the system has been designed and tested according to specific criteria that take into account the following factors:
- Protected space volume
- Required active ingredient weight
- Size of the system cylinders and filling         density
- Nitrogen overpressurization
- Flow rate of the extinguishing agent from    the nozzle discharge time (max. 10 sec.)

Technical systems

Sea-Fire's "H-Series" custom fire suppression systems protect spaces from 42.5 m³ up to 500 m³ and offer reliable and responsible economical solutions for the protection of large leisure boats, yachts, work boats, ships.

The Sea-Fire N series of tailor-made fire suppression systems protect rooms from 42.5 m³ (1,500 cu ft) up to 500 m³ (17,500 cu ft). A reliable and responsible economical solution that protects large leisure boats, yachts, workboats and naval vessels, covering both onshore and offshore applications. The systems are fully customizable and available with versatile options such as automatic and manual, or manual only.

Features include a 30 or 60 second time delay, alarm sirens and pressure triggers to maintain ship space integrity. The marine systems developed by Sea-Fire are tested and approved according to the IMO/SOLAS requirements. Numerous international approvals including USCG, Lloyds and RINA

Lithium-ion extinguisher

Sea-Fire's AVD fire extinguishers are specifically designed to combat high risk lithium-ion battery fires. AVD's enhanced extinguishing properties compared to other products make it the only extinguishing agent you should consider for lithium-ion battery fires.

Discover AVD, a revolutionary new fire extinguishing agent for lithium-ion battery fires. The only product of its kind, AVD offers unique and effective protection against lithium-ion battery fires. Designed specifically for lithium-ion battery fires, AVD offers superior performance to extinguish flames and minimise damage.

Do you know how to extinguish a lithium battery fire quickly, safely and effectively? AVD is a breakthrough fire extinguishing agent designed specifically for the unique threat posed by lithium battery fires. It is the only agent that contains, cools and extinguishes lithium battery fires.