Discover AVD, a revolutionary new fire extinguishing agent for lithium-ion battery fires. The only product of its kind, AVD offers unique and effective protection against lithium-ion battery fires. Designed specifically for lithium-ion battery fires, AVD offers superior performance to extinguish flames and minimise damage.

Do you know how to extinguish a lithium battery fire quickly, safely and effectively? AVD is a breakthrough fire extinguishing agent designed specifically for the unique threat posed by lithium battery fires.
It is the only agent that contains, cools and extinguishes lithium battery fires. Benefits and details:
- Suitable for lithium-ion battery
-, Class A and flammable metal fires
- Creates a film over the source of the fire that keeps oxygen out and suppresses the fire
- Non-toxic to humans, plants and animals
- Available individually or in boxes
- Environmentally safe
- 500ml aerosol, 1Ltr, 2Ltr, 6Ltr, 9Ltr Sizes available
- 2Ltr, 6Ltr, 9Ltr MED approved
- Suitable for portable and fixed installations
- Wheeled units available on request

Application ranges:
- Under 60Wh
- 750Wh coverage
- Small marine battery applications
- Mobile phones
- Laptops
- UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Lithium-ion fire extinguisher

Sea-Fire's AVD fire extinguishers are specifically designed to combat high risk lithium-ion battery fires.
AVD offers significantly better performance in controlling and extinguishing flammable lithium-ion battery fires. The improved extinguishing properties of AVD compared to other products make it the only extinguishing agent you should consider for lithium-ion battery fires.

Sea-Fire AVD high performance fire extinguishers are designed to fight high risk, limited size fires. They are suitable for confined spaces such as homes, hotel rooms, vehicles, public transport, aviation, marine and leisure, as well as for specialist processes where fires need to be suppressed at the early stages in any case, before they develop into full-blown fires.

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Specifically designed as a solution to the threat of lithium battery fires. Protect yourself from damage and safely control the flames with a Sea-Fire AVD cart unit. Your first choice for lithium battery fire protection. Achieve results unattainable with conventional extinguishing agents and prevent the spread of fire with a Sea-Fire AVD 25- or 50-litre cart extinguishing unit.

AVD is a breakthrough fire extinguishing agent proven to provide effective lithium battery fire protection.Sea-Fire's AVD fire extinguishing technology is suitable for use in factories, offices and other locations where large numbers of lithium battery devices are located.

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Fire fighting set
A Fire Suppression Kit is the perfect solution for effectively fighting and suppressing lithium battery fires. Achieve results unachievable with other fire suppressants. Fireproof bag that can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C. Included:
- Sea-Fire AVD 500ml aerosol fire extinguisher or 1 liter fire extinguisher
- Safety goggles
- protective gloves
Typical applications for the Sea-Fire AVD fire extinguishing kit are mobile phones, tablets and laptops. 

Fire Resistant Container
The fire resistant container is an innovative product that protects potentially combustible goods from the risk of fire.

Prevent the risk of fire spreading from inside and outside with effective fire protection for lithium batteries. The insulating properties of the lithium battery container enable the safe storage and transport of high-value, combustible goods. Lithium batteries can be shorted, resulting in thermal runaway. This poses a fire risk to the surrounding area if these batteries are not properly stored.
The fireproof AVD storage tank acts as a heat shield, reducing the potential for heat transfer. This makes it the perfect solution for transporting and storing potentially flammable products such as batteries, fireworks and other flammable chemicals.

Standard Size: 300mm x 250mm x 250mm 

Lithium Ion Battery Fire Blanket
These properties make our lithium-ion battery fire protection blankets an important part of your passive fire protection strategy.

If your business deals with the production, storage, and transportation of lithium-ion batteries and related equipment, you need a comprehensive strategy that includes passive and active fire suppression systems. Easy to store and easy to install. Typical properties:- Working temperature up to 1000°C
- Fireproof technical fabrics
- Fireproof reinforced multi-layer edge lining
- Fire-resistant industrial seams
- Handling loops on all corners.
- Available in a variety of sizes.

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